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Based on your symptoms, it seems your tinnitus is in range and need Expert help to treat and to prevent worsening of tinnitus in future.

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Early diagnosis of Tinnitus and treatment the ringing sounds in ear is extremely important to prevent any further worsening of tinnitus.
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At Rasya Clinic, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of patients suffering from Hearing Loss in Children and Adults and Tinnitus. Our success is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials of our clients who have regained control of their lives.

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  • A cover photo of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Avula testifying that he is completely recovered from his long term suffering from vertigo at Rasya Clinic

    Completely recovered after long term suffering from vertigo at Rasya Clinic

    Rajesh Kumar Avula
  • A cover photo of Mr. PS Ramachandran testifying that he completely recovered from 10 years of suffering from vertigo at Rasya Clinic

    Completely recovered from Vertigo at Rasya Clinic after 10 years of suffering

    Mr. PS Ramachandran
  • A cover photo of MANASA PASUPULA, who was suffering vertigo for two challenging years until finding hope and healing at RASYA Clinic under the expert care of Dr. TEJASWINI BOREDDY.

    Regained life after 2 years of suffering from vertigo at RASYA Clinic

  • An cover image of Mr. C. Krishna Reddy testifying that he finally found the solution for his suffering from vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    Finally found the solution for vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    C. Krishna Reddy

RASYA Clinic Treated my Tinnitus, Highly recommend!!

I’ve been suffering from tinnitus for years, and I can’t thank Rasya clinic enough! The staff is knowledgeable and compassionate, and the treatments have made a significant difference in reducing the ringing in my ears. Highly recommended!

Ramya Yerra
Tinnitus Patient

The Best Clinic for Hearing Aids with American Standards

It’s very difficult to find a genuine clinic for hearing evaluation and hearing aids, everything is commercialized. People will not even bother after selling the hearing aids. But RASYA clinic is something new that I came across with using American standards in evaluating hearing loss and hearing aid fitting and.... Read more..

Nani Needa
Hearing Aids Patient

Relived from Tinnitus at RASYA Clinic

I visited Rasya clinic 2 time. I felt better with my tinnitus rather than first visit. Tinnitus specialist told all issues related to management of tinnitus and therapy session is also very much helpful.
Thanks and regards

Tinnitus Patient

Made older hearing aids work better at RASYA Clinic

We went for my father’s hearing aid service since its not working well. They made the hearing aid as brand new and made us understand the importance of regular service which was offered by the previous clinic. Also they followed some new protocols to test and fit my fathers hearing.... Read more..

Jeevitha A
Hearing Aids Patient

Jamshedpur to Hyderabad for Hearing Aids at RASYA Clinic

I came from Jamshedpur to Hyderabad to get their services and my experience was very good with them. The staff and the audiologist were very kind and cooperative and eager to help. I am satisfied with the services that they offered.

Harwinder Preet Singh
Hearing Aids Patient

Excellent experience for Hearing Aids at RASYA Clinic

My grandfather had been to multiple clinics for hearing aids, all were in the mindset of making money but no quality. RASYA clinic maintained American standards in diagnosis and fitting hearing aids was very good. Now my grandfathers hearing aid’s are working perfectly. Never felt this in the past 5.... Read more..

Hari K
Hearing Aids Patient

Thanks RASYA clinic for bringing American standards to India

I had hearing loss and tinnitus since long time, but no one was able to provide proper solution for Tinnitus specially. Thanks to Rasya clinic and team for bringing American standards to India and helping Indian people with problem of my type.

Arun Kancherla
Tinnitus Patient

Skilled Audiologist for Hearing Aids

I’m extremely pleased with the results of my hearing treatment at this clinic. The audiologists are skilled and attentive, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the process. My hearing has never been better, and I can’t thank them enough.

Hearing Aids Patient

Great treatment for tinnitus

It’s really that it is great hospital and non profit hospital and the doctors explained me clearly about tinnitus problem. Really a great response and good treatment.

Tinnitus Patient
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