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Based on your symptoms here are the possible causes for your vertigo or dizziness or imbalance. You have chances of having a condition called “BPPV” by %, “Vestibular Neuritis” by %, “Meniere’s Disease” by %, Vestibular Migraine” by %, “PPPD” by %, “Semicircular Canal Dehiscence” by %, and Some issues from “Central Vestibular Issues” by %. Please refer below graph for results.

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Finding the true cause of vertigo, dizziness or imbalance is difficult and is most importnant for proper treatment. Thousands of people with vertigo, dizziness or imbalance issues are suffereing due to misdiagnosis and lack of professionals.

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Schedule a consulation appointment to discuss with our Internationally recignized experts to find out the exact cause and treatment for your problem.

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At Rasya Clinic, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands suffering from long-term vertigo and dizziness. Our success is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials of our clients who have regained control of their lives. Schedule a free appointment today and see the difference we can make in your life before you decide. Your journey to a balanced life starts here

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Experts of Vertigo, Hearing and Speech Problems.

I came to RASYA clinic regarding my balance and vertigo issue. I went to a clinic before this but they misguided me, but at RSAYA they did a thorough checkup and told me the root cause of the problem. They have been guiding me in the recovery process and they have been very helpful. I…

Nitin Mihir

Decades of vertigo treated at RASYA Clinic

Amazing. Never expected that relief. Decades passed I was habituated to vertigo thought that this condition exists for ever. The support and confidence of Dr. Tejaswini is to be appreciated. Jai Sree Ram???? Thanks to the founders once again.


A hope from RASYA Clinic when we are in the verge of abandoning career due to Vertigo.

My husband Venkateshwarlu had been suffering from dizziness and we stay abroad. We came to India and ran pillar to post to corporate hospital with no proper diagnosis. Finally we went to RASYA. It was properly diagnosed with latest modern equipment and arrived at vestibular imbalance is the cause and started VRT vestibular rehabilitation therapy…

Vanaja Cheruku

RASYA Clinic follow ethics with a smile

I consulted with Siddharth sir. He is a Professional and treated me in a friendly way. He listened my problem with very patience. He explained the process and treatment in detailed. While he is doing the tests he treated me in a friendly way without I feel fear. After done the tests, I met with…

Surendra Chowdary

Best Treatment for Vertigo at RASYA Clinic

Best treatment ???????????????? for vertigo. They received us very well. I visited many hospitals before, but no one was able to cure my problem. Dr. Tejaswini explained the cause of my problem very patiently.

Vignan Kumar

6 years of vertigo treated by Dr. Tejaswini with utmost care

I am Karuna Sree from Kakinada, Andhra pradesh. I was suffering from vertigo since past six years. Thank you so much to the whole team of Rasya clinic, they ruled out my problem and most importantly Dr. Tejaswini mam you are so good and very patiently helped me in my exercises and Sachu sir for…

Karuna Sree

Surprised to see Facility like RASYA Clinic in India.

Pleasantly surprised to see such clinic in India for vertigo. They spent quality time to explain about the issue and the process to diagnose and recover which gave me the confidence to proceed further with tests. They brought in advanced equipment's to diagnose the issue and they treat the issue with exercises after finding out…

Srujan Kumar R

Prolonged Vertigo treated at RASYA Clinic in 2 Weeks

Totally satisfied with Vertigo treatment at Rasya clinic. Came with prolonged Vertigo issue and now almost recovered. Post identifying the issue, they gave me correct exercises and after following for just 2 weeks now I’m almost normal. Thanks to Dr. Tejaswini for your time and service.

Durga Prasad Padavala

Recovered from Vertigo at RASYA Clinic, while others could not help me.

Thanks to Dr. Tejaswini for helping me with my vertigo issue. My problem was resolved at RASYA Clinic. I had been to Many hospitals in the past, but except for vertin I didn’t get permanent solution from other places.

Richi Richards

No one was able to treatment my vertigo and dizziness except RASYA Clinic

I Had a vertigo & dizziness since from two years. Consulted too many clinics and hospitals but no use. Finally consulted RASYA clinic, through Google Dr Yugandhar Ramakrishna (Sir) & Dr.Tejaswini,(Madam). They Examined me & explained the cause of vertigo & dizziness fallowed by imbalance. They helped me how to Overcome & recover from vertigo. No…

Ranjith Kumar

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