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RASYA Indo-American Clinic is India’s First state-of-the-art center with American standards providing complete hearing health care solutions personalized for both pediatrics and adults.

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Best Audiologists and Specialists for Hearing Loss

Our Audiology Experts

At RASYA Indo-American Clinic, we offer the highest quality of Audiology services in India. Our team is led by a US-based Doctor of Audiology and Professor who brings the American standards of excellence to our state-of-the-art facilities. No other center can match our expertise and experience in Audiology.

A headshot of Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna, AuD, PhD, CCC-A, vestibular neuroscientist, professor and founder of RASYA Clinic

As a Doctor of Audiology and Professor, we have seen the impact of poor testing methods on children's hearing and language development. That is why we are proud to offer the first and only Audiology services in India that follow the American university protocols and use the state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you are a child or an adult, you deserve the best hearing care possible.

A headshot of Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy, Director of Clinical Services and Co-Founder of RASYA Clinic

Advanced Hearing Clinic for Adults

Don't wait 7 years! Address hearing loss early with our comprehensive assessments, tailored treatments, and American Standard protocols. We go beyond just selling hearing aids, helping you cope with tinnitus, sleep issues, memory decline, and social isolation. Get back to clear communication and a richer life. Schedule your free consultation today!

We bring you the Best Hearing Clinic
  • State-of-the-Art Testing,

    not just “beep beep” testing

      Reason 1

    Tired of basic hearing tests that miss the bigger picture? Many clinics prioritize sales over understanding your unique needs. Don't settle for incomplete assessments.
    We go beyond "beep beep" tests. Our advanced services, unlike those trusted by ENTs and corporate hospitals, unlock 95% of your hearing profile.

  • Treatment Options

    More than Just Hearing Aids

      Reason 2

    Not All Hearing Loss is Aided by Devices. Conductive loss or auditory neuropathy might require different approaches. We offer expert diagnosis and specialized programs to address the root cause of your hearing concerns, not just sell hearing aids. 
    Advanced Equipment & Personalized Care: Real Ear Measurements for optimal hearing aid fit, even in challenging environments like noisy spaces and meetings.
    Targeted solutions for tinnitus management.

  • Lifelong Support

    Providing the Best Hearing Aid and Services for everyone

      Reason 3

    Stop searching for a "one-size-fits-all" hearing aid. At RASYA Clinic, we understand your unique lifestyle and needs. That's why we offer a personalized approach with American-standard trials featuring 7 top brands. Experience multiple options before finding your perfect fit. Beyond selection, our commitment lasts. Our lifetime service plans ensure ongoing maintenance, protecting your hearing, your hearing aids, and their longevity.

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Your Partner in Overcoming Vertigo and Dizziness

At Rasya Clinic, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands suffering from long-term vertigo and dizziness. Our success is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials of our clients who have regained control of their lives. Schedule a free appointment today and see the difference we can make in your life before you decide. Your journey to a balanced life starts here.


Jamshedpur to Hyderabad for Hearing Aids.

Harwinder Preet Singh

I came from Jamshedpur to Hyderabad to get their services and my experience was very good with them. The staff and the audiologist were very kind and cooperative and eager to help. I am satisfied with the services that they offered.


Skilled Audiologist for Hearing Aids


I’m extremely pleased with the results of my hearing treatment at this clinic. The audiologists are skilled and attentive, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the process. My hearing has never been better, and I can’t thank them enough.


Passionate Doctors and best hearing aids

Vinod Indukuri

Taken both audiology and vestibular services for my family at Rasya clinic. Also taken hearing aids for my mother there. The Doctors and staff there are very patient, take time to listen to the issues in detail, and are passionate about giving the best advise and treatment. The premises are nice and clean and they…

Profile photo of Ajay Kumar

Trustworthy Clinic for Hearing Aids

Ajay Kumar

Finally, a trustworthy clinic for Hearing loss treatment with frequent care for hearing aids to have longevity. I would recommend hearing patients to give it a try to see the difference from other clinics


Made older hearing aids work better

Jeevitha A

We went for my father’s hearing aid service since its not working well. They made the hearing aid as brand new and made us understand the importance of regular service which was offered by the previous clinic. Also they followed some new protocols to test and fit my fathers hearing aid and now it is…


Excellent experience for Hearing Aids

Hari K

My grandfather had been to multiple clinics for hearing aids, all were in the mindset of making money but no quality. RASYA clinic maintained American standards in diagnosis and fitting hearing aids was very good. Now my grandfathers hearing aid’s are working perfectly. Never felt this in the past 5 years of our experience. Thanks…


The Best Clinic for Hearing Aids with American Standards

Nani Needa

It’s very difficult to find a genuine clinic for hearing evaluation and hearing aids, everything is commercialized. People will not even bother after selling the hearing aids. But RASYA clinic is something new that I came across with using American standards in evaluating hearing loss and hearing aid fitting and evaluating hearing is something I’m…


Hearing Loss in Adults

There are many possible causes of hearing loss in adults, adults develop hearing loss gradually but sometimes hearing loss occur suddenly. It is very important to understand the cause of hearing loss for appropriate treatment. Following are the few causes of hearing loss in adult.

A closeup shot of ear model and in background an audiologist is testing a senior person hearing loss

Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

Middle Ear Disorders:

  • Otitis Media (infection)
  • Mastoiditis
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Otosclerosis
  • Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • more.


  • Auditory Nerve infection
  • Meniere disease
  • Drug-induced ototoxicity
  • Herpes zoster oticus
  • Vestibular schwannoma
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Vestibular neuronitis
  • Other diseases

Noise exposure
Head injuries

Signs of Hearing Loss in Adults

  • May hear sounds fine, but have difficulty in understanding speech especially in noisy or chanllenging evnironment.
  • Speech may sound muffled.
  • Asking to repeat what others said or to speak up louder.
  • Increasing TV or phone loudness compared to others.
  • Difficulty in understanding children or female voice.
  • Experiencing ringing or buzzing sounds known as Tinnitus.
  • Gradually avoiding social or group conversation.
  • Feeling of fatigueness by end of the day.
  • Long-term effect may include cognitive issues like Dementia.

Effects of untreated hearing loss

If hearing loss in neglected or left untreated for prolonged period, hearing loss can have serious mental and social consequences. Here are some common effects:

  • Increased risk of cognitive disability and dementia.
  • Low quality of life leading to increasing depression, and anxiety.
  • Can also result in Social isolation and unhappy.
  • Severe effect on work performance resulting in lower earnings.
  • Increasing difficulty in understanding speech affecting effective communication.
  • Long-term effect of psychological issues.
  • Many more.

The Best Hearing Clinic for Children

Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with specialized professionals, ensures comprehensive and accurate care, setting us apart from over 95% of clinics and major hospitals lacking in specialized testing capabilities.

Wonder why we are
  • Advanced Testing

    Precise Diagnosis in our State-of-the-Art Facility

      Reason 1

    Beyond Basic Tests: Skip the limitations of standard clinics and discover the power of advanced American protocols at RASYA Clinic. We delve deeper than Tympanometry and PureTone, pinpointing complex issues like CAPD, ANSD, and syndromic hearing loss.
    Precise & Personalized: Our empathetic experts provide clear diagnoses and tailor treatment plans for your child's unique needs, ensuring a brighter future with better hearing.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge is Key: Empowering Parents

      Reason 2

    Advanced diagnostics, clear explanations, personalized treatment: We empower you with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices for your child's hearing health. Our collaborative approach ensures they reach their full academic and personal potential.

  • Lifetime Support

    Cutting-edge Treatment and Lifelong Support

      Reason 3

    Looking for the best in pediatric hearing healthcare? Look no further! We're experts in treating complex issues like CAPD, ANSD by utilizing advanced technology and top partnerships.
    But what truly sets us apart? Our lifelong aftercare commitment. We ensure your child's hearing aids thrive, prevent further loss, and unlock confident communication for life.


Hearing Loss in Children

There are many possible causes of hearing loss in children, some of which are present at birth known as congenital hearing loss and some of which are acquired later in life called as acquired hearing loss. Following are the few causes of hearing loss in children.

An audiologist placing headphones on a child preparing for hearing test.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children

Otitis Media (Ear infections)

  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Measles
  • Chickenpox
  • Other diseases

Noise exposure
Head injuries

Genetic Disorders:

  • Down syndrome
  • Usher Syndrome
  • Waardenburg syndrome
  • Other genetic disorders

Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

  • Does not startle at loud sounds
  • Delayed Speech
  • Does not words like “amma/mama” or “dada” even at the age of 1 year
  • Mispronouncing words
  • Difficulty in following instructions
  • Need repetitions or often says “huh”?
  • Child speaks loudly than earlier
  • Withdraws from playing or frustrated mostly
  • Poor academic performance
  • Itchy ears
  • Frequent colds with ear pain
  • Ear discharge
  • Seem to her few sounds but not others

Effects of untreated hearing loss

  • Delayed speech and Language Development
  • May not pronounce or produce high frequency sounds like s, sh, f, k, and t
  • Their voice will be high pitched
  • Sounds mumble or abnormal speech
  • Severe effect on academic performance
  • Unable to make friends in school
  • Becomes isolated and unhappy
  • Long-term effect of psychological issues
  • Depression
  • May not be able to lead to their true potential
  • Many more.

Conductive Hearing Loss: Reasons and Treatments

Ear illustration showing middle ear disorder causing conductive hearing loss.

Conductive Hearing Loss occurs when the sound travelling to the inner ear is blocked for various reasons.

Reasons for Conductive Hearing Loss

The common causes like excessive earwax, acute to chronic ear infections, abnormal ear structures, tympanic membrane perforations can result in conductive hearing loss.

Treatment for Conductive Hearing Loss

Depending on the reason the treatment could be as simple as removing earwax, medications for ear infections, surgeries in chronic cases and Hearing Aids in permanent hearing loss are common treatment options.


Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Reasons and Treatments

An illustrating showing damaged inner ear sensors, hair cells causing sensorineural hearing loss.

When the hearing sensor known as cochlea part of inner ear, its structures and connecting auditory nerve are damaged it results in Sensorineural Hearing Loss.

Reasons for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Most common causes for Sensorineural hearing loss is excessive noise exposure, aging called Presbycusis, genetics, viral infections, medications and other diseases.

Treatment for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Treatment for sensorineural hearing loss depends on the reason. However, the sensorineural hearing loss is most of the time permanent and hearing aid is primary option to improve hearing. In certain situations where the hearing is sudden, it may be due to viral infection and need to be treated for the same and the hearing loss can be recovered if treatment was given within the time frame. Cochlear Implant may also be an option for Profound or Deaf hearing.


Mixed Hearing Loss: Reasons and Treatments

Illustration of ear and damage tò haircells

Mixed hearing loss will have both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural contributors, such as both ear infections and damage to inner ear.

Reasons for Mixed Hearing Loss

There are several reasons but most commonly we can observe an ear infection like Otitis Media with inner ear hair cell damage resulting in Mixed Hearing loss.

Treatment for Mixed Hearing Loss

Because Mixed Hearing Loss consist both conductive hearing loss which as can be treated with medications, or surgery and can result in improved hearing loss, so we consider medical attention first and then we may have to consider hearing aids, or Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) for sensorineural hearing loss.


Auditory Processing Disorder: Reasons and Treatments

Normal flow of sound to brain, disruption of signals at brain level can cause CAPD.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), also known as central auditory processing disorder, affects how the brain processes auditory information. Individuals with APD struggle to interpret and make sense of sounds, even when their hearing is normal.

Reasons for Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) results from disruptions in the central nervous system, impacting sound processing pathways. Common symptoms include difficulty understanding speech in noisy settings, following complex instructions, and distinguishing similar sounds. APD often coexists with conditions like ADHD and learning disabilities

Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) treatment involves a multifaceted approach. Here are the key options:

  1. Hearing Aids and Listening Devices: These enhance sound perception and assist in managing APD.
  2. Auditory Training: Rehabilitation programs focus on improving sound discrimination and processing skills.
  3. Learning Environment Modifications: Adjusting the learning environment, such as reducing background noise, supports individuals with APD

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