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Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna and Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy are American based best vertigo doctors with decade of experience in treating thousands of vertigo patients making them top vestibular specialists in India.
A group photo of Team RASYA Indo-American Clinic lead by Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna atthe front, to his left Director of Clinical Services Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy, and to her right Ms. Hiduja Ghanta Audiologist, on left to Dr. Yugandhar Mr. Sidharth Rajeev, vestibular specialist and to his right Mr. Sachu, another vestibular specialist.

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What makes our vestibular specialists the Best Vertigo Doctors in Hyderabad

Why us?
A closeup shot of Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy and Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna, the founders of RASYA Indo-American Clinic

Experienced Vertigo Doctors

Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna, AuD, PhD is an internationally recognized Professor, Vestibular Neuroscientist and Doctor of Audiology at California State University along with Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy, Vestibular Specialist graduated from American University established RASYA Clinic to offer American standard vestibular treatment in Hyderabad.

A lady on an advanced vertigo equipment called rotary chair to find vertigo reasons and to plan best vertigo treatment.

Advanced Vertigo Testing

Our Vertigo Specialists will ensure to find precise diagnosis with advanced vertigo diagnostic equipments specially imported using American Standard Protocols for proper vertigo treatment.

An image of a vertigo patient going through advanced vertigo treatment using virtual reality to treat complex vertigo issues

Advanced Vertigo Treatment

After careful diagnosis our Best Vertigo Doctors will plan a customized vertigo treatment based on each patient unique symptoms and lifestyle.

Internationally Recognized Specialists

Our Vestibular Services

RASYA Clinic is India's only advanced center to offer a complete and most advanced vestibular testing to diagnose over 50 diseases and conditions of the vestibular system in inner ear and other balance sensors including Proprioceptive, Cervical, Oculomotor, Central and Psychogenic factors.

Witness Happy Stories of Our Hearing Patients

At Rasya Clinic, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of patients suffering Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. Heartfelt testimonials of our clients who have regained control of their lives reflects our success.

See what our patients say  About us

  • A cover photo of Mr. Rami Reddy testifying that he experienced significant improvement from his suffering from vertigo and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    Improved from vertigo and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    Mr. Rami Reddy
  • A cover photo of MANASA PASUPULA, who was suffering vertigo for two challenging years until finding hope and healing at RASYA Clinic under the expert care of Dr. TEJASWINI BOREDDY.

    Regained life after 2 years of suffering from vertigo at RASYA Clinic

  • A cover photo of Mr. PS Ramachandran testifying that he completely recovered from 10 years of suffering from vertigo at Rasya Clinic

    Completely recovered from Vertigo at Rasya Clinic after 10 years of suffering

    Mr. PS Ramachandran
  • An cover image of Mr. C. Krishna Reddy testifying that he finally found the solution for his suffering from vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    Finally found the solution for vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus at Rasya Clinic

    C. Krishna Reddy

Trustworthy Clinic for Hearing Aids

Finally, a trustworthy clinic for Hearing loss treatment with frequent care for hearing aids to have longevity. I would recommend hearing patients to give it a try to see the difference from other clinics

Hearing Aids Patient

Great treatment for tinnitus

It’s really that it is great hospital and non profit hospital and the doctors explained me clearly about tinnitus problem. Really a great response and good treatment.

Tinnitus Patient

Decades of vertigo treated at RASYA Clinic

Amazing. Never expected that relief. Decades passed I was habituated to vertigo thought that this condition exists for ever. The support and confidence of Dr. Tejaswini is to be appreciated. Jai Sree Ram???? Thanks to the founders once again.

Vertigo Patient

Excellent experience for Hearing Aids at RASYA Clinic

My grandfather had been to multiple clinics for hearing aids, all were in the mindset of making money but no quality. RASYA clinic maintained American standards in diagnosis and fitting hearing aids was very good. Now my grandfathers hearing aid’s are working perfectly. Never felt this in the past 5.... Read more..

Hari K
Hearing Aids Patient

Prolonged Vertigo treated at RASYA Clinic in 2 Weeks

Totally satisfied with Vertigo treatment at Rasya clinic. Came with prolonged Vertigo issue and now almost recovered. Post identifying the issue, they gave me correct exercises and after following for just 2 weeks now I’m almost normal. Thanks to Dr. Tejaswini for your time and service.

Durga Prasad Padavala
Vertigo Patient

Skilled Audiologist for Hearing Aids

I’m extremely pleased with the results of my hearing treatment at this clinic. The audiologists are skilled and attentive, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the process. My hearing has never been better, and I can’t thank them enough.

Hearing Aids Patient

6 years of vertigo treated by Dr. Tejaswini with utmost care at RASYA Clinic

I am Karuna Sree from Kakinada, Andhra pradesh. I was suffering from vertigo since past six years. Thank you so much to the whole team of Rasya clinic, they ruled out my problem and most importantly Dr. Tejaswini mam you are so good and very patiently helped me in my.... Read more..

Karuna Sree
Vertigo Patient

Found treatment at RASYA Clinic after 2 years of suffering from Vertigo and Imbalance

Dizziness, Loss of balance, Unsteadiness, Vertigo, Lack of coordination with Motor to Hand, Swaying sensation… These are very difficult to express to Doctor..

I was suffering with all these issues, Since 2 year’s long, everyday getting worse.
My problem is new to every one when i tried to express. Almost.... Read more..

Nisk ME
Vertigo Patient

Made older hearing aids work better at RASYA Clinic

We went for my father’s hearing aid service since its not working well. They made the hearing aid as brand new and made us understand the importance of regular service which was offered by the previous clinic. Also they followed some new protocols to test and fit my fathers hearing.... Read more..

Jeevitha A
Hearing Aids Patient

Common Questions related to our Vestibular Specialists

If you have more questions, get in touch with our team for more answers.

Dr. Tejaswini Borredy has started working as an Audiologist since 2012 and pursued Doctor of Audiology from Salus University, USA and Vestibular fellowship at USA.

Since RASYA Clinic was established in India Dr. Tejaswini treated thousands of patients that has wide range of vertigo and dizziness patients with high success rate.

Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy is highly regarded as the most caring doctor with empathy and spends lot of time with patient during consultation to understand each patient’s unique situation to find the proper diagnosis and provide customized vertigo treatment.

Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna has started working as an Audiologist since 2010 and pursued Doctor of Audiology (AuD) and PhD in Vestibular Neuroscience from State University of New York, USA and working as Professor and Docotor of Audiology at California State University.

Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna travels between USA and India and he seems patients regularly in USA and in India, He and Dr. Tejaswini will review all patients reports even if they do not see patients at RASYA Clinic, if the patients results are complex either Dr. Yugandhar or Dr. Tejaswini will personally talk to the patient regarding the condition and treatment option.

Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna is not just the best Vestibular specialist but he is also one of the very few Vestibular Neuroscientist’s having a PhD in Vestibular Neuroscience from USA and works on Animal research finding next generation treatment for vertigo and also treating the patients at the same time.

Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna, has Doctor of Audiology (AuD) and PhD in Vestibular Neuroscience from State University of New York, USA and he was recognized from various international vertigo and vestibular organizations like American Institute of Balance, American Speech Language Association, Americana Academy of Audiology, Vestibular Organization, and many others.

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