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Based on your symptoms, the chances of having hearing loss is

First step to Overcome Hearing Loss

Early diagnosis and treatment is extremely important to protect the remianing hearing and to prevent non-reversible severe effects of hearing loss in both adults and children.

End the Struggle

Schedule a consulation appointment to discuss with our Internationally recognized experts to find out the exact cause and treatment for your problem.

Why RASYA Clinic is the Best Choice

We are Indo-American Specialty Care Centre, excelling in addressing hearing concerns and providing top-notch hearing aids at affordable prices. Our American standard comprehensive hearing solutions, and comprehensive evaluations set us at the top position in India. Quality and patient satisfaction drive our commitment to enhance your hearing health.

See what our patients say About us

Why are we the best choice?

We’ve helped thousands of individuals suffering from long-term vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss to rediscover the joy of clear hearing. Our team is dedicated to finding the best hearing aids that suit your needs and budget. Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a free appointment today and experience the difference for yourself before making a decision.

Jamshedpur to Hyderabad for Hearing Aids.

I came from Jamshedpur to Hyderabad to get their services and my experience was very good with them. The staff and the audiologist were very kind and cooperative and eager to help. I am satisfied with the services that they offered.

Harwinder Preet Singh

Skilled Audiologist for Hearing Aids

I'm extremely pleased with the results of my hearing treatment at this clinic. The audiologists are skilled and attentive, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the process. My hearing has never been better, and I can't thank them enough.


Passionate Doctors and best hearing aids

Taken both audiology and vestibular services for my family at Rasya clinic. Also taken hearing aids for my mother there. The Doctors and staff there are very patient, take time to listen to the issues in detail, and are passionate about giving the best advise and treatment. The premises are nice and clean and they…

Vinod Indukuri

Trustworthy Clinic for Hearing Aids

Finally, a trustworthy clinic for Hearing loss treatment with frequent care for hearing aids to have longevity. I would recommend hearing patients to give it a try to see the difference from other clinics

Ajay Kumar

Made older hearing aids work better

We went for my father’s hearing aid service since its not working well. They made the hearing aid as brand new and made us understand the importance of regular service which was offered by the previous clinic. Also they followed some new protocols to test and fit my fathers hearing aid and now it is…

Jeevitha A

Excellent experience for Hearing Aids

My grandfather had been to multiple clinics for hearing aids, all were in the mindset of making money but no quality. RASYA clinic maintained American standards in diagnosis and fitting hearing aids was very good. Now my grandfathers hearing aid's are working perfectly. Never felt this in the past 5 years of our experience. Thanks…

Hari K

The Best Clinic for Hearing Aids with American Standards

It’s very difficult to find a genuine clinic for hearing evaluation and hearing aids, everything is commercialized. People will not even bother after selling the hearing aids. But RASYA clinic is something new that I came across with using American standards in evaluating hearing loss and hearing aid fitting and evaluating hearing is something I’m…

Nani Needa

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